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High Falls

Tincture, Furbabies, Mobility - Full Spectrum from High Falls

Tincture, Furbabies, Mobility - Full Spectrum from High Falls

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High Falls Hemp NY’s unique Mobility Pet Relief CBD Tincture blend is a synergistic balance of CBG, CBD, and botanically derived terpenes that could help relieve your pet’s joint and muscle pain when used consistently. Whether it’s inflammation, swelling, or joint & muscle issues, this CBD product could support natural solutions for dogs & cats to help keep them active and happy.

CBG is a minor cannabinoid naturally found in the hemp plant that has been shown to support joint and muscle mobility, reduce swelling and inflammation, and supports a sense of relaxation.

Turmeric is naturally found in ginger root and has been shown to aid in managing inflation and stress.

Basil is rich in vitamin C and other essential vitamins and nutrients that actively support overall health. It also has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and is commonly known as a “superfood” for pets.

Ingredients: Full spectrum cannabigerol (CBG), full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), hemp seed oil, basil, turmeric, and natural flavorings.

Use: Orally, with food or directly in mouth

Monitor how your furbaby feels after administration and adjust the dosage accordingly. 

For daily inflammatory support: one dropper, daily.

For managing stressful situations, use an additional 1 mL of tincture for every 20 lbs, as needed.


For furbabies <50 lbs

Strength: 10 mg (5mg CBD + 5mg CBG)/dropper

Use: For furbabies 26-50 lbs: Use up to 1 dropper daily.


For furbabies 50+ lbs

Strength: 25 mg (12.5mg CBD + 12.5mg CBG)/dropper


For furbabies 51-100 lbs: Use up to 3 droppers daily.

For furbabies >100 lbs: Use up to 4 droppers daily.

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