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OmMade Peanut Butter

Hella Hot Peanut Butter

Hella Hot Peanut Butter

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For Hella Hot we drew on the most addictive food in the world – chaat aka Indian street food.

The spices in this new flavor are reminiscent of the chaat we eat on Mumbai’s Juhu Beach and the galis of Purani Dilli. Of course, no Indian-inspired spice mix would be complete without a little color from the Himalayas!

Hella Hot combines the best of these tastes to give you a peanut butter that's simply irresistible!

Pro-tip:  Spread on warm toast for a savory breakfast! In the afternoon, use as a dip for veggie sticks!

Bonus: Hella Hot is naturally vegan and gluten-free.

What’s in it? Gourmet Virginia peanuts from the Virginia Diner, Indian street food spices - Kashmiri chili, amachur (dried mango), anardana (dried pomegranate seeds), Himalayan pink salt, red chili - and organic cane sugar.

Note: The nutrition panel is for the 9oz jar.

Feeling brave? Get Hella Hot - MEGA MIRCH for some real heat! Hella Hot - MEGA MIRCH is 12x as hot!

See how we use Hella Hot in these addictive recipes!

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