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Dog Treats - Full Spectrum from Miraflora

Dog Treats - Full Spectrum from Miraflora

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Even pets could benefit from the mood-balancing, joint-supporting power of CBD. Miraflora’s made-from-scratch CBD dog chews are infused with the same 100% organic full-spectrum CBD we put in our people products and are 100% grain free.

Both are delicious—but don't take our word for it. Let your furry friend be the judge.


Our +Brain & Joint formula is made with glucosamine, ashwagandha root, wild Alaskan salmon, and omega 3.


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: +BRAIN & JOINT: Purformsm® (Methylsulfonylmethane) 150 Mg, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil 100 Mg, Omega 3 Small Fish Oil 100 Mg, Organic Mushroom Blend 100 Mg, Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source) 75 Mg, Vitamin C 50 Mg, Organic Ashwagandha 25 Mg, Selenium Yeast 15 Mg, Activated Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Oil 10 Mg, Vitamin E 10 Mg.

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Blueberry, Coconut Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Cranberry, Flaxseed, Garbanzo Flour, Mct Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, Palm Fruit Oil, Pea Fiber, Rosemary Extract, Salmon Hydrolysate, Sorbic Acid, Sunyower Lecithin, Sweet Potato


Our +Calm formula is made with calming adaptogens, chamomile, and GABA. 


Active Ingredients: Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp-Flower Extract, Organic Mushroom Blend, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Omega 3 Small Fish Oil, Organic Chamomile, Organic Astragalus Root, Organic Ashwagandha, GABA, Organic Ginger Root Powder, Organic Lemon Balm Powder, Magnesium Citrate

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Sweet Potato, Garbanzo Flour, Flaxseed, Coconut Oil, Cranberry, Blueberry, Mct Oil, Palm Fruit Oil, Natural Flavoring (Plant Based), Sunflower Lecithin, Pea Fiber, Coconut Glycerin, Sorbic Acid, Rosemary Extract, Mixed Tocopherols.


Strength: 10mg CBD per treat / 30 treats per box

Use: Start by giving your dog either a half or a full CBD treat (one treat = 10mg CBD). Monitor how your dog feels after administration, and adjust your dose accordingly.

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