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Chocolate, Nighttime - Full Spectrum from oHHo (in store & pickup only)

Chocolate, Nighttime - Full Spectrum from oHHo (in store & pickup only)

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Please know that this product is available in-store & for pick up only. Order it online and select Pickup as your delivery option.


Elevate the quality of your night as you relax into your evening. CBD + CBNight chocolate could offer a mildly soporific experience helping you nod off and stay snoozing all night. 

Slow down and let the soothing effects of cannabis and cocoa lull you to sleep. Our delectable salted caramel light and dark chocolate bars are infused with 160mg of sustainably sourced CBD and 40mg of CBN. This harmonious pair of non-intoxicating cannabinoids could modulate your body´s natural chemicals to reset your circadian rhythm, curb insomnia and anxiety. Cocoa, a rich antioxidant, could also deliver a wealth of benefits; it could boost heart, improve blood flow, and protect your skin and teeth. Sweet dreams, angel.

Ingredients: Cacao mass, Coconut sugar, Cacao butter, Hemp derived CBD, Hemp Derived CBN, Natural flavor, Salt.

Strength: 160mg CBD + 40mg CBN per bar / 20mg CBD + 5mg CBN per serving.

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