We are your Guinea Pigs

At OmBaked we recognize that the CBD industry is the Wild Wild West. Because there is little to no regulation in this industry, we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure we only carry products we believe in. Our rule of thumb is that if we would not use these products ourselves or give them to my dad, we will not sell them to anyone.

In a more concrete way, we maintain our high standards in the following three ways.

First, we have vetted every company whose products we carry. These companies are based in the US, create their products here, and adhere to top-notch safety & processing standards.

Second, while selecting the products we carry at OmBaked, we tried a lot of CBD products. That's why we say that we are your guinea pigs. The products that ultimately make it into OmBaked have received positive feedback from at least 2 people in Reston, Virginia. Not neutral feedback, positive feedback. The folks who tried our products are our friends, neighbors, employees, and ultimately our customers. 

Third, our credit card processor reviews & approves the third-party lab tests for all the CBD products before OmBaked carries them in our store.

We have carefully curated the products we carry and we hope our multi-layered approach to quality gives you the same confidence it gives us.

- Radhika

Radhika Murari and her dad