Shakti Bazaar

A few years ago, I started OmMade Peanut Butter.

I started OmMade PB with $2,000 and sold my peanut butter in farmers markets and fairs. We soon became a customer favorite! Folxs would set their schedules around the famers markets where they could find OmMade PB. One customer actually timed his road trip from NYC to Richmond to make sure he got to the farmers market for OmMade PB!

While OmMade PB has done quite well, imagine how much better we would have done if we had had a physical presence where people could sample our peanut butter! 

When I decided to open OmBaked, a CBD Boutique in Lake Anne Plaza, I started thinking about how to use this opportunity to empower other small businesses. 


Shakti Bazaar: Empowering Small Businesses

What does Shakti Bazaar mean? The closest approximation of the meaning of Shakti is dynamic, cosmic energy. And many people are familiar with the word Bazaar or market.

Every month, Shakti Bazaar will feature a different local business and artist. OmBaked will donate the retail space to the businesses. Furthering the concept of empowerment, OmBaked will donate a portion of the proceeds from Shakti Bazaar to Cornerstones, who have been doing great work in our Reston community for 50 years and counting.

Keep empowering each other,