All About OmBaked

Ever walk into a store and have the salesperson either ignore you or ask, “How can I help?” 

Yeah. Me, too.

When it comes to the grocery store, we know our way around and we know what we want. We don’t need a lot of guidance.

CBD boutiques, not so much. We need all the help we can get!

When you walk into OmBaked you will be greeted by a sales associate with a happy smile and an upbeat personality!
We are here to help you. We had a lot of the questions you probably have and it is our pleasure to help you guide you to a possible solution!

When you walk around OmBaked, you will find that we have arranged our products by the benefit they can help provide. Because all of us know what we would like to do better; whether it is Chill, Move, Think, Sleep, or get something for our Furbabies.

So, come on in and let us help you better your body and better your soul.

- Radhika

Radhika Murari at OmBaked, CBD Boutique in Reston, Virignia