My friend said you could help me.

My friend said you could help me.

“My friend said you could help me.”

When folks walk through the doors of OmBaked, one of the most common phrases we hear is, “My friend said you could help me.”

While we do not like to hear that people are at their wits’ end, we do like that they know that we are here to help.

Since we opened our gorgeous sparkly pink store, we have heard all sorts of problems. Here are just a few (obv, names have been changed).

Magnificent Mel in her flying Machine

Take the case of Mel who was getting ready to fly to Europe for the first time. She had never taken such a long flight (8+ hours) and she was worried about flying, claustrophobia, jet lag, culture shock, you name it. The stress of flying was detracting from her epic trip!

We talked through her concerns and decided that a few small packets of gummies would be the best option for her. We looked up the CBD laws in the countries she was visiting to make sure she would not trigger any international incidents (hello, Britney Griner). To be on the safe side, we restricted ourselves to broad spectrum CBD products, where the packaging says “THC FREE” in all caps, just to be extra safe!OmBaked Gummies All Chill No High

Mel got some gummies that could help reduce her stress during check-in, security, and boarding. And she got a few that could help her sleep during the long flight. They might even help her get over jet lag when she landed. Take it from me, those time differences hit harder as you get older. 

A few weeks later, Mel, now a seasoned Euro-traveler, came back to say that she thinks the gummies helped ease her into her trip. While she doesn’t think she will be as stressed for her next adventure, she knows OmBaked’s doors will always be open to her if she needs us.

When you travel, make sure you know the latest laws for CBD. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

Anne’s Alzheimer’s Anxiety

Anne and her husband have been married for decades. In the last few years, as sadly happens, he has developed Alzheimer’s. They still live in their own house and Anne wants to keep it that way for as long as she can. She is a loving caregiver and her husband gets comfort from having her around and from being in familiar surroundings.

So, what brought Anne into OmBaked? Well, her husband’s anxiety had starting morphing into agitation and outbursts of violence. He is 6’3” and Anne was afraid that one day his outburst could cause her physical injury and then they would be put in care facilities or even separated. She was adamantly against this and wanted to do everything she could to prevent it. She had come to OmBaked as a Hail Mary.

We talked through her needs and concerns. She decided to try out some gummies containing 10mg/CBD in each.

About a fortnight later, Anne came back to OmBaked. As luck would have it, she was helped by the same sales associate who had helped her the first time. The gummies seemed to have calmed Anne’s husband’s anxiety, which reduced his outbursts. For the first time in forever, Anne was feeling less anxious, as well.

Anne did mention that she was giving her husband 2 gummies (20mg total) every day as this amount seemed to suit their needs best. She went home with a jar of 25/mg gummies.

OmBaked Raspberry Gummies

Anne now comes to OmBaked regularly to make sure she has gummies in stock. And, since we sell out of our inventory quickly, we make sure to keep a jar of gummies behind the counter just for Anne.

And her husband.

NB: You must consult with a health professional prior to using CBD in combination with any medications or other dietary supplements.

When Mama needs dialysis

One day Maria and her Mama walked into OmBaked.

Maria’s Mama had been having dialysis for a while now and would need it for the foreseeable future. Mentally, the dialysis was getting harder for Mama to handle and her stress was making the process much tougher for all concerned. Maria had come in to see if we had any solutions. 

Maria tried to explain to Mama what CBD is and how it might help with her dialysis-related anxiety, but Mama didn’t quite understand. However, she did trust Maria to make the right decision for her.

Now, normally we advise folks to start low and go slow. After all, there’s no need to add a cup of salt when a sprinkle will do. In this case, however, Mama’s anxiety was so bad that we decided to go with a higher-strength calming tincture.

Note, Maria had got the go-ahead from Mama’s doctor before she came into OmBaked. 

Maria came back to OmBaked after Mama’s next dialysis session. Maria had put a dropper of the tincture into Mama’s tea before the session and Maria thought that Mama handled the dialysis a lot better than normal!

So, if you have a friend or loved one who needs some respite from their troubles, stresses, and anxieties, send them to OmBaked. We will do everything we can to help. 

CBD products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 21. CBD products should only be consumed as directed on the label and should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult with a health professional prior to using CBD in combination with any medications or other dietary supplements. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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