Hygge at OmBaked

Hygge at OmBaked

Hygge at OmBaked

America is a land of immigrants and we are at our happiest when we borrow from each other’s cultures.

As the days get shorter, the temperatures fall, and the wind picks up, I am drawn to the sentiment of hygge.

What is hygge (pronounced hoo-gah)?

Hygge is the Danish concept of coziness and connection. Hygge can be experienced by surrounding oneself with simple things like hugs, warm smells, comforting drinks.

At OmBaked we have hygge by the armful

Soft warm hoodies, celebrating everyone

OmBaked Hoodies celebrating everyone

Our hoodies are in - they are soft, comfortable, cozy, and best of all we celebrate everyone! Being from a minority culture myself, I wanted everyone to feel seen and included.

Speaking of inclusion, we have sizes ranging from S to XXL and two styles: vneck & closed neck.

PS: How many of these cultures do you recognize or identify with?

Comforting Tea & Cozy Coffee

OmBaked Tea & Coffee

We carry tea & coffee from Grounds Central.

Grounds Central is a local small business whose products I (and my friends in Reston!) have been enjoying at home for almost a year and I am thrilled to have them at OmBaked!

We also brew fresh coffee, so you can try all our flavors: Colombian, Ethiopian, Sumatran, & Brazilian (decaf).

Soothing Massage Candles


Hygge is epitomized by dripless, long-burning, gently-scented candles. We take this tradition and enhance it with massage oil candles.

As the massage oil candles burn, they release a warm scent into the air and the massage oil melts.

Using this warm oil for massage provides a deep skin-to-skin connection, making these candles the perfect way to deepen our connections with each other.

I hope you come experience hygge at OmBaked.

- Radhika

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